Tampon when peeing

Having a period means that your vagina might unleash clots of blood that look nothing like the tidy little splashes of fluid you see in most tampon commercials. When you think about clots of blood, you might imagine the kind that come together when you have a cut. Your body springs into action, combining enough platelets blood cells that adhere to each other and proteins from plasma the liquid part of your blood to plug the injured blood vessel, the Mayo Clinic says. This is how clots help to stop bleeding.
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Let's Clear This Up: Can You Pee With A Tampon In?

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7 Gross, Awkward, Annoying Tampon Struggles That Every Woman Has Experienced

Urinary tract infections UTIs are one of the most frequent bacterial infections in women. One in two women have had a UTI! How do UTIs happen? UTIs are caused when bacteria enters the urinary tract. This bacteria is almost always E.
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Peeing with a Tampon

IDK about you, but peeing with a tampon in isn't exactly the most pleasant experience. Seriously—the little string that hangs down gets soaked Honestly, it all begs the question: Can you pee with a tampon in—or is that something you're not even supposed to be doing? It all comes down to basic anatomy: Urine comes out of one hole your urethra and period blood comes out of another opening your vagina. Going further, poop comes out of a third hole your anus —your nether regions are basically a triple threat.
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